The Sauna

Chelsea Green Pub., 1996 - 197 pagina's
Health, history and how-to. The sauna tradition is at least a thousand years old, judging from historical evidence, and more likely to be twice that old. While the recipe for enjoying a traditional sauna may have changed somewhat over the millennia, this change has been slow. Now Rob Roy has written the definitive handbook for North Americans who are ready to recover this ancient rite and method for maintaining health, fitness, and peace of mind.The Sauna gives a fascinating world tour and history of sauna lore, explaining how and why our ancestors used saunas to cure colds, prepare for marriage or childbirth, and relieve arthritis, rheumatism, and asthma. This book is also a complete manual for construction of two different forms of sauna, a round cordwood masonry version and a post-and-beam version. From foundation to earth-covered roof, from birch whisks to stove options, Roy's book will give readers advice on every facet of sauna building and use.
-- Fact or fiction? The sauna's beneficial effects on aging, weight loss, blood pressure, and heart health
-- Step-by-step guide to building walls with cordwood masonry, a timeless building technique that is perfect for saunas
-- How to use the sauna: seasoning the stoveroom, the bath itself, cooling and relaxation
-- Complete advice on heating alternatives: electric, gas, or wood-firedRounded out with a comprehensive list of sauna resources, including equipment manufacturers and suppliers, sauna societies, and even a glossary of sauna terms, The Sauna is the perfect present for the aspiring builder in your life. Building a backyard sauna is a manageable project for the whole family, and a handmade sauna will truly be thegift that keeps on giving as you enjoy years of relaxing, invigorating sweats with your relatives and guests.

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As our author eventually points out, this book is slightly misleading: it is called "The Sauna," but is predominately about a very rare (although arguably superior) style of sauna construction called ... Volledige review lezen

The sauna

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Like fondue, the sauna seems to be out of fashion at the moment. Roy's (Complete Book of Underground Houses, Sterling, 1994) book will go a long way toward the repopularization of this recreation. The ... Volledige review lezen

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